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Character Assets Ltd. is a full service Human Resources Consulting and coaching firm. With more than Seventeen years experience in the corporate HR arena, its’ founder and president, Pattie Hamons is certified as both a Senior Professional in Human Resources and a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst. Pattie knows the real world issues that both company Presidents and Human Resources professionals face every day while muddling through the endless maze of regulations, legalities and personnel issues.

Character Assets can provide on going Human Resources consulting, or project based assistance. We handle everything from drafting company handbooks to Sexual Harassment investigations and training in addition to assistance in recruiting and hiring.

What do poor hiring and promoting decisions cost your company each year?

We provide a wide variety of pre-employment assessments and the expertise to help you use the results in a manner that can reduce turnover, headaches and hiring costs. Many assessments are also available to determine if changing a current employees responsibilities or promoting them will enhance or diminish their productivity. All of our assessments are validated and have been demonstrated to provide accurate information with no adverse impact. Each assessment is recommended and/or designed to provide you with the most useful information possible at the lowest cost.

We provide training for management, administrative and sales staff at our facility, your facility, or offsite. Let us help you make the most out of your staff. We are your Complete Human Resource Solution.

Character Assets is a full service Human Resource Solution provider. We offer a wide variety of services for the small business that has human resource issues yet, they are not ready to hire a human resource person on staff. Or the company that has a human resource staff that needs a project done. We provide the following services and many that are not listed:

 Pre-Employment assessments  Development of appraisal systems
 Evaluations of current staff  Personal coaching
 Policy design  Benefit package review
 Handbook creation  Drafting discipline
 Unemployment claims responses  Drafting last chance agreements
 Workers’ Compensation responses  Coaching on Human Resource topics

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