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Character Assets Ltd. is a full service Human Resource Solution provider. We offer a wide variety of services for the small business that has human resource issues yet, they are not ready to hire a human resource person on staff. Or the company that has a human resource staff that needs a project done. We provide the following services and many that are not listed:

Notary Public

Notary Public services are available by contacting Character Assets Ltd.

Pre-Employment Assessments

These are custom selected to fit your specific situation if we don’t have the appropriate assessment we will not sell you something that doesn’t fit. If we can’t find one, we will tell you so – not sell you what we have. All of the assessments we use are validated and legal.

Background Checking

We provide a variety of background checks including but not limited to: Criminal, Bureau of Motor Vehicle, Credit, Employment verification, Educational Verification and more to help you ensure what you are told is true.

Evaluations of Current Staff

How many times have you seen someone promoted to “get them out of this department”? OR promoted a good employee to a position that they were lousy at? The truth is many poor employees are just as frustrated as their supervisors. Moving them to another job or department may or may not work. We can assess current employees for development, training or to determine how well they might do in a new position. Stop Guessing – Start Assessing.

Policy Design

What do you want a policy to accomplish? This is the key question we want the answer to before drafting a policy. Understanding how employees may interpret a policy differently is also very important. We work with management to draft a policy to send the right message to accomplish the task at hand without sending the workforce on a rampage.

Handbook Creation/Redrafting

If you don’t have a handbook or it has been more than two years since yours was reviewed – STOP NOW- you cannot afford to put it off any longer! Call or email us for free information about why you must look at it now!

Drafting Discipline/Corrective Action

What are we trying to accomplish? This is where we start in determining what we do for discipline documents. We must also consider where this might go, what we have done before and many other items that could be brought up if a situation gets ugly. The organizations with fewer situations to handle are least equipped to deal with it when it does come up. Larger organizations, however, may be looking at how to implement corrective action where they have previously issued discipline or vise versa. We can help provide new perspective.

Drafting Last Chance Agreements

Sometimes the best thing that can happen is a borderline employee gives you the chance to give them a chance they don’t really have coming. How you approach this is key in ultimately getting what the company wants from this opportunity. Approach it correctly and you can turn a borderline (already trained) employee in the an incredibly valuable asset – do it wrong and everyone thinks management is a spineless group of people who can be walked on whenever the mood strikes an employee.

Development of Appraisal Systems

An appraisal system is only as good as the time and effort put into it. To select the right system, each organization must know what they are trying to accomplish and truly how much time and effort the management staff will consistently put into the appraisals. Stop shuffling paper – start getting results.

Unemployment Claim Responses

If you seldom deal with unemployment failure to handle the paperwork the wrong way could cost you a lot of $$$. It may be appropriate for an attorney to handle it, or it may just be a good way to spend the same money up front instead of over time. Let us help you decide.

Workers’ Compensation Responses

Worker’s Compensation can be an outrageously expensive part of any business. If you have a third party administrator, they probably handle your claims, if you don’t, be sure somebody who understands the Comp System at least guides you through it. One mismanaged claim can cost you thousands of dollars for five consecutive years. If you have very few claims, it probably does not make sense to sign up to be covered for a year long contract. This does not have to be a long-term contract. Pay for the advice you need not what you MIGHT need.

Personal Coaching

Many employees have the skills and abilities and just need someone to help them discover their strengths and how to best apply them. In today’s “get more done with less” world most managers do not have the time (or lack the desire or skills) to develop young talent. We work with management and the employee to help them discover the answers. This allows them to repeat the process when coaching is completed.

Benefit Package Review

Are you looking for how to cut benefit costs and provide a unique benefit package for your employees? How can you possibly recruit and retain the best employees without them? We can help you look outside the box for new and innovative approaches whether you currently provide benefits or not!

Sexual Harassment Training

How much can you afford to pay for something one of your supervisors says or does that is illegal? The fact is, sexual harassment settlements commonly cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars and more and more frequently they are reaching into the millions of dollars. Often times it isn’t even something a supervisor did, but they knew, or should have known it was happening and the company is liable for not addressing it!

We can provide the training and materials necessary to inform your supervisors and managers what they are responsible for doing if they are aware of certain activities or behaviors are occurring you your place of business. Knowledge is power – arm yourself!

Drug Free Workplace Training

We are an approved Ohio BWC Drug Free Workplace and Drug Free EZ training organization. Help reduce your workers’ compensation rates by 10 to 20 %. We can show you how you may be able to get two thirds of the money to implement this program reimbursed with very little paperwork. Why would you NOT look into this?

Coaching on Human Resource Topics

Character Assets Ltd. believes that the stronger we make our clients in the area of human resources the better we have done our job. We do not simply tell clients – do this or that, we coach them and help them to arrive at the correct answer for their organization for that situation. We ask questions based on over 17 years of hands on human resources experience. We are not lawyers; we do not provide legal advice. Sometimes we refer our clients to their own or to our attorney. Ultimately we know that if we help our current clients, they will refer us to their business associates and friends.

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